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Saturday, February 15, 2014

MacDonald House bombing

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Newspaper The Straits Times reported that the bombing incident
MacDonald House bombing occurred on March 10, 1965 in Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank building ( known as the MacDonald House ) located at Orchard Road , Singapore . The time bomb installed by two people in Indonesia who are members of the Corps Command Operations , Aaron Hj Mohd Said and Usman Ali at the time of the confrontation . Three people died and at least 33 people harmed .
Since 1963 , the Indonesian government has opposed the unification of Malaysia . Singapore said that the Indonesian government then sends those aimed at sabotaging the situation in Singapore and Malaysia to exploit racial differences in the two countries as well as damaging the vital installations . According to him , the people that post then detonated explosives in public places to create tension and panic . MacDonald House bombing is bombing the most serious of all the bombings that took place in Singapore . Two of the dead are from ethnic Chinese while the other one is a Malay .
After the incident , the officers of the Department of Homeland Security and the Singapore Police catch Aaron and Usman . Both were hanged in 1968 .

Singapore Ship protest against the Republic of Indonesia ( KRI ) , named Usman Harun , opening our minds who the Usman - Aaron 's . Singapore is so important both to protest ?

Usman , whose full name is Usman bin Janatin H. Ali Hasan . Tawangsari Usman was born in Hamlet , Village Jatisaba , District Purbalingga , Purbalingga , Central Java , on March 18, 1943 . His last rank was Sergeant . He is member of the elite Corps Operations Command ( Marines ) , the forerunner of the Navy Marines ( AL ) .

Aaron , whose real name Tohir bin Said , who later became known Aaron Said . Born on the island of Bawean , Gresik regency , East Java. He was the third son of the father and mother named Mandar Aswiyani . Last rank was Corporal .

In the period 1962-1966 , the Malayan peninsula tensions . There is a desire to unite Malaysia Brunei , Sabah and Sarawak . Under the command of Indonesian President Sukarno refused it .

The Merger is expected to become the Malaysian Federation of Malaysia . Sukarno rejected outright . Due to Sukarno , the way the Federation of Malaysia is a new style of imperialism .

For Sukarno , the Federation of Malaysia like a " puppet of the British " . Also threaten Indonesia because it could be supporting the rebels who was still there in Indonesia .

Digelorakannya Dwikora by Sukarno , start the fight against the Malaysian Federation . Indonesia - Malaysia confrontation heats up . On May 3, 1964 , sent volunteers to these countries .

Harun Hj Mohd Said and Usman Ali who was member of the Marines , was sent to Singapore with a rubber boat . They were asked to sabotage the interests of Singapore .

Working both success. Until March 10, 1965 occurred pengemoban at MacDonald House , which is also the office Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Bank . Its location on Orchard Road . 33 people reportedly seriously injured , three more died .

Singapore detect the culprit . Usman and Aaron tries to get out of Singapore . Tightened vigil in lane exit Singapore . Various methods are used both to come out .

Usman and Aaron had departed leaving Singapore by boat . Unfortunately, in the middle of the journey , the boat's engine died so they are caught .

They were sentenced to death by hanging . Indonesian appeals mentally . So both in 1968 was hanged . Usman and Aaron died at the relatively young age , 25 years .

After the last respects , both bodies were flown to Indonesia to use Air Force aircraft .

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Mc Donald House

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