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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ratu Boko Palace

Ratu Boko Palace is a magnificent palace complex built in the 8th century . Can be said to be the grandest building in the era it was built by one of the relatives of the founder of Borobudur .

Ratu Boko Palace , Splendor in Peaceful Hill

Ratu Boko Palace is a magnificent building which was built during the reign of Rakai Panangkaran , a descendant of Sailendra dynasty . The palace was originally named Abhayagiri Vihara ( meaning monastery on a peaceful hill ) was built for seclusion and focus on the spiritual life . Being in this palace , you can feel the peace while seeing the sights of Yogyakarta city and Prambanan Temple with the background of Mount Merapi .

The palace is located 196 meters above sea level . 250,000 m2 area of ​​the palace is divided into four , namely central , west , southeast , and east . The middle section consists of the main gate of the building , grounds , Combustion Temple , pond , sacred terrace , and Paseban . Meanwhile , the southeast part includes Hall , Hall - Hall , 3 temples , ponds , and complex for princess . Complex of caves , Buddhist Stupa , and there is a pool in the eastern part . While the western part consists only of the hills .

If you enter from the gate of the palace , you will go directly to the middle . Two high gate will welcome you . The first gate has three entrances while the second has 5 doors . If you are careful , the first gate will be found the word ' Panabwara ' . That word , based on Middle Wanua III inscription , written by Rakai Panabwara , ( descendant of Rakai Panangkaran ) who took over the palace . The purpose of writing his name is to legitimize power , give 'power ' that is more glorious and signaled that the building is the main building .

About 45 feet from the second gate , you will see a temple made ​​of white stones so -called White Stone temple . Not far from there , will find Combustion Temple . The temple is a square ( 26 meters x 26 meters ) and has 2 terraces . As the name implies , the temple used for cremation . In addition to the second temple , a sacred terrace and the pool will be encountered later when you walk approximately 10 meters from the Temple Burning .

The well is full of mystery will be encountered when running to the southeast of Temple Burning . That said , the well was named Amrita Mantana which means holy water given spell . Now , the water is still often used . Local people said , well water it can bring good luck to the wearer . While Hindus use it for Tawur grand ceremony the day before Nyepi . Water use in the ceremony is believed to support the goal , ie to self purify and restore the harmony of the earth and its contents at the beginning . YogYES suggest you visit Prambanan temple the day before Nyepi day to see the ceremony .

Stepping into the eastern part of the palace , you will see two caves , a large pool measuring 20 meters x 50 meters and a Buddhist stupa sits quietly. Two caves were formed from sedimentary rock called breccia Pumis . A cave called Gua Lanang upper while under the so-called Cave Wadon . Just in advance Lanang cave there is a pool and three stupas . According to a research , it is known that the effigy is Aksobya , one of the Buddhist Pantheon .

Although it was founded by a Buddhist, it has Hindu elements . It can be seen with the Linga and Yoni , Ganesha statues , and gold plate that reads " Om Rudra ya namah swaha " as a form of worship of the god Rudra is another name of Lord Shiva . The existence of Hindu elements that prove the existence of religious tolerance that is reflected in architectural works . Indeed , when the Rakai Panangkaran are Buddhists coexisted with the followers of Hinduism .

Few know that this house is witness initial triumph in the land of Sumatra . Balaputradewa had fled to the castle prior to Sumatra when attacked by Rakai Pikatan . Balaputradewa rebelled because they felt as the number two in the Ancient Mataram Kingdom government as a result of the marriage of Rakai Pikatan to Pramudhawardani ( brother Balaputradewa . After he defeated and fled to Sumatra , before he became king in the kingdom of Srivijaya .

As a heritage building , Ratu Boko Palace is unique among other relics . Other buildings are in the form of a temple or shrine , as the name implies it shows characteristics as a residence . It was evident from the presence of a pole building and roof are made ​​of wood , even though we can only see remains of a stone building. The palace , then you will get more, one of them a very beautiful view of the sunset . An American tourist said , " This is the most beautiful sunset on earth . "

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