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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

history of the Wonosobo city

History of the town of Wonosobo closely associated with the development of Islamic Mataram power in the seventeenth century , or about the 1600s . Wonosobo when it was still a stretch of wilderness areas . Then at one point came three each rover named Kyai Walik , Kyai Kolodete , and Kyai Karim .

Those with relatives began pioneering a settlement in Wonosobo . They memulaimembuka forest and turn it into a residential and agricultural land as a source of their livelihood .

In the third trip Kyai live different place , Kyai Kolodete settle in the Dieng Plateau , Kyai Walik settled in the area around the town of Wonosobo , he was called as a character designer Karim Kyai city while living in the area Kalibeber . Of the three founding fathers of Wonosobo City , said Kyai Walik is a most prominent scholars close to the heart of the people, a populist leader figure .

After the Kyai occupy the new residence then start the new developments . The settlers more and more and more terkenallah Wonosobo .

While the origin of the name of Wonosobo very close relation to the number of entrants . Wonosobo etymologically derived from two words namely " Wono " which berartihutan and " Sobo " meaning to visit . So says Wonosobo roughly means " forest areas which are visited "
( Based on Folklore ) . DI became known several prominent authorities such as Hero Member Wonosobo Wonosobo Kartowaseso as ruler of the central authority in Selomanik . Also known as a character named Hero Member Wiroduta Wonosobo central ruling power in Pecekelan - Kalilusi , which subsequently transferred to Ledok - Wonosobo or Plobangan today. One grandchild Kyai Karim also known as one of the rulers of Wonosobo " i Singowedono " which has been awarded a place in the palace Selomerto of Mataram and was appointed ruler of this area its name changed to Tumenggung Jogonegoro . At this time the center of power moved to Selomerto . Hero Member dies after Jogonegoro Pakuncen buried in the village . In wartime Diponegoro (1825 - 1930) , Wonosobo is one of the Diponegoro supporter base defense forces .
Some important figures who support the struggle of Diponegoro is Imam Musbch or later known as Hero Member Kertosinuwun , Mas village chief or Tumenggung Mangkunegaran , Elephant Permodo and Kyai Muhammad Ngarpah . In a battle against the Dutch , Kyai Muhammad Ngarpah managed to obtain the first victory . The success of the Prince Diponegoro gave the name to Kyai Muhammad Ngarpah as Tumenggung Seconegoro . Furthermore Seconegoro Hero Member appointed by the ruler Ledok Tumenggung SECONEGORO glass . The existence of power Seconegoro Ledok area can be further examined from a variety of sources including the Dutch report published after the war Diponegoro completed . Regent Seconegoro is the center of power moved to the area from the town of Wonosobo Selomerto today.

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